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re: Another accessibility problem with hover-to-open is that touch devices sometimes emulate that with a long-press but you can't rely on it. I'm not ...

Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the problems with hover. That's why I used the click-to-open version.

Adding a checkbox to a page that has no semantic purpose bothers me.

I would argue that it has a semantic purpose. It is an element that clearly communicates its function, which is to open and close a menu. You might as well say a button has no semantic purpose.

I wonder why you're avoiding Javascript?

Let's flip that around: Why would I use JS for something that is this easily accomplished in a few lines of CSS? Common JS approaches often either:

  • add inline styles (not ideal, and sometimes disallowed by CSP)
  • add/remove classes, creating three-way coupling between the HTML/CSS/JS. Avoiding JS is simpler and has looser coupling.

Why not just make the menu visible in the first place?

This question makes no sense to me. I wanted a dropdown menu for the same reasons everyone does, why question that choice based on how I code it?

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