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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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briwa • Edited

I was introduced to programming by my Dad in '98. I kept asking for new computer games and he gave me a book on creating your own games in Turbo Basic. I did try them out, kinda liked it, made a somewhat barely working Digger clone (for reference).

However, my life took a hard turn after that. The computer was sold, my dad was switching to another job. Spent the following 15ish years doing something else. I was into music and arts for some reason. I ended up taking Biology as my major instead of IT.

Last year of my bachelor study, my Dad convinced me to go back into programming. It wasn't easy since the passion was there but there was a ton to pick up. I studied hard, was hooked into online webdev tutorial for a few months. When I graduated, I managed to get my first job as a web developer. Spent there for a year and joined Piktochart afterwards, and here I am, doing frontend stuffs instead for the last 5ish years.

I would say it's quite a roller coaster ride, but it is really fun!