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Discussion on: Angular Architecture Patterns and Best Practices (that help to scale)

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Alex Biro

I have a more technical question. How do you prevent direct communication between layers which should not communicate directly, according to the abstractions? Let's say, importing the API services into components? I guess, even if you would neatly organize everything into modules, nothing prevents a less caring/enthusiastic dev to import a whole wrong module, if I am correct. (And on bigger / longer term projects, there will inevitably be some of those devs.) Anyone any thoughts on that? Is it only code review, or is there a more automated way?
(I know I am late to the game, but hope someone is still around here.)

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I have heard recently (I think on the podcast adventures in angular) that one option would be to set up some TSLint rules to prevent this sort of thing. Might be worth looking into.

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Bartosz Pietrucha Author

Hi Alex! Yes, code review is the most important practice here. However, writing a tool that would automatically prevent from breaking the abstractions is possible but I personally don't know any.