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re: Fair question! I've not put a huge amount of thought into what "success" means for CodeTips, but right now I want it to help people while also be...

Gotcha. I'm following a similar path, but working toward doing paid courses and the like. So getting folks reading my articles on ANY platform will help with that long term.

My gut reaction is that you're probably not going to get loads of click throughs off of a snippet and a link.

I wonder if having some form of standard promo at the bottom of each full article to talk about your site as a whole would garner a lot more positive feelings.

I'm also going a decent bit into SEO with my approach. So in syndicating, I reach a larger audience, but get extra SEO love to my main site for a lot of it.

I'm not too far down this path, but already gathering some additional "link" power from having some content over here. I'll know more about potentially benefits in a month or two, probably.

I say provide value to your readers wherever they live and then when you ask them for something (newsletter subscribe, paid course, patreon, etc.) they're more and more likely to commit to it.

I'd also say newsletters are a good sweet spot. After a helpful article, ask people to sign up for the newsletter, then you can use the newsletter to promote content on CodeTips.

Just a few thoughts :D

Ah nice! Good to know someone else is going through it too!

I appreciate all the thoughts & advice, I'll definitely take them into consideration!

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