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re: Well I do have access to the template, it's a single page app I am developing, so I could. However I went for the ::before selector for the followi...

I see! Yeah, if your templating engine would make the logic complicated, I totally understand that.

I'm used to templating engines like Twig and Nunjucks that have an idea of first and last of a loop for conditional logic.

From the Nunjucks documentation as an example (

Inside loops, you have access to a few special variables:

loop.index: the current iteration of the loop (1 indexed)
loop.index0: the current iteration of the loop (0 indexed)
loop.revindex: number of iterations until the end (1 indexed)
loop.revindex0: number of iterations until the end (0 based)
loop.first: boolean indicating the first iteration
loop.last: boolean indicating the last iteration
loop.length: total number of items

If you don't have all that, then I'm all about that ::after use case! :D


Yeah I am using TeaVM's Flavour, so I don't think there is any of that yet.

Though I am still wondering whether even with that, it wouldn't make more sense to consider this comma as a layout choice, not content

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