Discussion on: Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

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Bruno Paz

Really great article! Congrats.

I think, most of people that dont like PHP, think about Wordpress and similar older codebases. They dont know "Modern PHP" with tools like Composer, frameworks like Symfony, Laravel or Libraries like TWIG or Doctrine.

And some developers are influenced by the "Hype" and only want to use the new and shiny languages and frameworks.

For me PHP is one of the most balanced languages, considering learning curve, clean code (thanks to frameworks like Symfony), performance and infrastructure costs.

All languages have its pros and cons. Talking about Node, for example, you mention callback hell, I can say a lot more. There are at least 3 different ways of handling callback funcions (callbacks, promises, and async/await). Then you have ES6. and CommonJS modules. And a new framework coming out everyday. And I havent talked about the core JS Language. NaN != NaN, Really??
People reading this might think I hate Javascript and Node, but no I really like it. I am building a Node app right now! Its just a matter of recognizing and understanding all the pros and cons and choose the most appropriate language of framework for your project. Every project is different.

Being able to recognize that is what distinguish a Top Engineer, from an average one.

In the end I just want my project to be successful, with a clean, easy to maintain and performant code. You can achieve all that with a vast number of languages. The same way you can write crappy code in any language.

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Andrew Davis Author

You’re hitting the nail on the head. It’s really important to pick a language that makes sense for you or your team and the project requirements. It’s easy to get caught up in hype and assume one language will make everything in your app better, but that’s not true.