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re: This is an excellent topic, and I would like to share my thoughts based on my experience. First, I think it makes sense to classify dependencies o...

Great explanation! Thank you!
Your points 1 and 4, are already covered that way.

Regarding 2 and 3, that is more or less what I was thinking.
My main doubt was about what would be the best to start: Integration or Component testing. I would love to have both but with our current resources, we need to focus on what can give more value and safety on releases ,since we are still finding our way to a more Continuous Delivery approach.

So, I think we will start with Integration tests running like you describe in point 2.
In our case, we have one service that rely on an External provider that although they have a staging environment its not very good and there are many test cases that wont be possible to be tested without mocking that service. So we will use mocks for that service, but everything else will be a real instance of the service.

We have 1 or 2 services that are shared between different projects / teams. In that case we will try to do some component testing also.

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