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re: As an interesting observation (and this isn't mine; it comes from a PHP podcast) is that Symfony is more popular in Europe, while in the US Laravel...

Hello and thanks for your input.

Symfony creator is French. Maybe that´s one of the reasons Symfony is more popular in Europe?

I see Laravel a bit like Rails. Its popularity comes from its simplicity to learn, its pragmatism and the power to do stuff quickly. Many of its biggest problems also come from Rails like Active Record ;)

Symfony 4 is really easy to get started also, but I admit older versions could have felt a little bit daunting for less experienced developers, due to more complex configuration for example.

You need to understand OOP to understand Symfony.

I think Laravel tries to be more friendly to people who are starting to program and thus implement shortcuts to hide some complexity, while Symfony is more focused on the Enterprise.

But again, I dont want to transform this in Symfony vs Laravel.


But again, I dont want to transform this in Symfony vs Laravel.

Same here. I was just commenting on the relative popularity. Symfony is every bit better, but even I spend time learning it, it will be useless as there are no Symfony jobs in my market. Looks like I can do is cry! 😭😭😭😭

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