My Favorite PHP books

Bruno Paz on September 23, 2018

Hello. In this post, I share some of my favorite PHP books that I consider a must read for any PHP developer. PHP The Right way There... [Read Full]
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php objects patterns and practice by Matt Zandstra


+1 for The Right Way. Saved me a lot of time and suffering.


Just a small question : If you create a website using the DDD concept, does it mean it's impossible to a framework like Symfony and it's you who have to write the whole code ?


Not at all. The domain layer is old good PHP, but you can use Symfony to implement all sort of things at the infrastructure level. The key here is to apply the Dependency Inversion Principle.


Okay. As you probably guessed I don't know anything about DDD but I'll try to find some time to read about it.

I would strongly recommend two of the books mentioned here as a good starting points: DDD in PHP and The Clean Architecture.


Would love to build APIs, but have no real books for that.


Sound like some great books Sir, but is there any in this list that is free ? please would love to have it.

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