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A fully functional and responsive landing page with Tailwind CSS in 60 seconds

Hey there fellow devs!
As we all know meeting deadlines is the essence of being a good developer, so this blog will show you how you can make a fully functional and responsive Tailwind CSS landing page in 60 seconds.

The blox magic

This can be done easily by using UI kits, but it can be done even faster by using blox for VS code. blox is a recently launched VS code extension with 1500+ drop-in ready code snippets. It has four major categories of Web Application, Marketing, Ecommerce and Dev Essentials code blocks. These UI kits have further sub-categories so you can easily find the code block that you’re looking for according to any use case.

UI Categories

Now to the actual landing page, you start things off with a hero section. Scroll through the hero section and choose one that goes well with your design.

hero examples

And with just a click, the code block is integrated into your project without any hassle and even no copy-pasting.

Code pasted

That’s the best thing about blox, you just click on preview and it gets integrated into your project right then and there.

Middle page sections

In order to add the next code block, all you have to do is add a section tag so that the code would be dropped within this section. After the Hero section, you can add a collaborations section from the cloud logo category. Then a feature section for different products and a stat section. Furthermore, for this landing page, you can add a review section from the blox category of testimonials.
Any product landing page needs a good pricing section where you can display a website’s offerings with an eye-catching CTA (blox also has an extensive CTA category for diverse use cases). Then a blog section before moving on to the last part. Closing things off with a footer section with different interactive elements that redirect users to different pages or sections of a website.


And we’re done!
This is how you can come up with a fully interactive and functional Tailwind CSS landing page in no time with blox. The best part about blox is that the process of adding components with a single click is easy as ever and you can make any necessary styling/design changes on the go without setting up anything else.

Final Preview

This is the final preview of the landing page that we’ve come up with for this example.

Supported frameworks

At the moment, blox supports Tailwind CSS with React, Angular, and Vue.js. All the code blocks can be used in your existing projects too if you’re using any of these frameworks.
Soon blox will also release code blocks for CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Material UI with support for Svelte, Alpine.js and Laravel. All the code blocks and their elements are fully functional, responsive, cross-browser compatible, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant. So, with just a little bit of tweaking you're ready to ship!

Happy developing!

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