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Change column type and convert data in Rails

Wrote this post because I couldn't find an article in the World Wide Web on how to change the column type and convert its data.✝

So let's say we have a Record model with boolean column master, where a true values means that it's a master release and false means that it's not. Records that aren't master releases can either be re-issues, special editions, remixes. We decided to model this info using just one column, and store it as strings.

Active Record's migration method change_column allows us to change a column's name and type. However it doesn't provide a way to also do data conversion.☦ My suggestion to implement this has three steps:

  1. Add the column — release_type — with the new data type;
  2. Convert boolean values from master column into respective string in release_type column;
  3. Remove master column.

The migration code looks like this:

def up
  add_column :records, :release_type, :string

  cast_values = <<-SQL
    UPDATE records
    SET release_type = 'Re-Issue'
    WHERE master = FALSE;

    UPDATE records
    SET release_type = 'Master Release'
    WHERE master = TRUE;

  remove_column :records, :master
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The down method would reverse this logic and it's left for the reader as exercise.

✝ Must confess that I bumped into many articles changing integer columns into text, or datetime into date. Although data conversion is implied it is something that Rails can handle on its own.

This article does suggest that one can provide a SQL statement for data conversion. However I couldn't find any official documentation to support that.

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