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re: My first task as an intern and what I learned from the Design system VIEW POST


Good job on the article, I really enjoyed it!
I am a product owner for a UI Kit library which is based off our internal DS - and I’ve always struggle with the specification and communication with UX designers. They usually have a masters degree in psychology, but no clue in software development and therefore are missing fundamental concepts. Do you have similar problems?


Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it :)
Yes, we have a similar issue between designers and developers. What we did was conducting an alignment meeting or workshop. For example, as developers, we prefer to use blue-100, blue-200 and so on to keep our codebase reusable and clean rather than come out with different own colors from designers.


Thank you for your response. Oh yes, the coloring system was a drag at our company too. I guess we all have similar struggles on that topic - but a DS can at least help us to communicate (once it is established). Good luck with your internship & have fun :) Looking forward for more articles from you!

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