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About Bryan Ziegenfuse

Bryan joined iFP in December of 2018 following a diversified 15 year career as an executive across the lending, capital markets, finance and portfolio management disciplines. Prior to iFP, Bryan was Vice President of Strategy at Ocwen Financial Corporation. Bryan lead numerous corporate initiatives across risk management, capital preservation, customer experience and asset management during his tenure at Ocwen. Additionally, Bryan managed key government relationships for the company. Prior to Ocwen, Bryan held several positions at GMAC Mortgage (Ally Financial) from 2005 to 2013, including Director of Restructuring, Senior Fixed Income Trader and Director of Finance. Bryan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.
Bryan lives in Wayne, PA with his wife and two young children. When not in the office, Bryan enjoys spending quality time outside with the family either at home or at the beach.

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