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Discussion on: Encrypting Sensitive Data Using the Travis CLI Tool

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Ben Greenberg 🧢

Montana Mendy is a powerhouse. This article was a thorough explanation of how Travis uses public key cryptography to allow the storage of secrets in a comprehensive way within the CI context. Honestly, I'm about to pack up my bags and switch to TravisCI. Netlify is dope and all, but I don't even like saying the word "TOML". I digress. Montana's article is on point and I'm gonna give TravisCI a spinnerooni.

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Montana Mendy Author

Thanks Ben,

I'm glad on my first Dokcer article you gave Travis a spin! I hope you like these articles. This article is from Bob Reselman, and some few edits from me!

I'm glad you've commented on a numerous articles loving these. More to come. Stay tuned.

  • Montana Mendy (Travis CI)
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Ben Greenberg 🧢 • Edited

Bob Reselman is quite the blogger, though I'm sure there's a bit of Mendy magic mixed in. Keep at it, Travis team!