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Discussion on: Is victim of its own success?

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btlm • Edited on

100% agree. I stopped reading because of tonns of repeating content about React, yet another CSS tutorial, another how-to-write-navbar-without-jquery etc.
I'm a frontend developer with special interest in hybrid mobile apps (ionic, cordova) or native in Flutter. There's no interesting content about it here or it is needed to dig very deep to find it.

I'm tired of reading nth time about CSS selectors, React basics (I'm Angular dev btw) or even worse - tonns of "articles" with lack of information, two lines of code and a link to full version on external blog or youtube video.

But all I said doesn't mean it's really bad. To be honest it depends on our experience. is a great place for newbies who are interested in technology they learn - I was the same. But for every level higher than junior there is nothing worth digging.