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Discussion on: When do you think it’s the right time to create your own coding language? Answer for the chance to be featured on our podcast!

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Btara Truhandarien

If you broaden the meaning of programming language to something more akin to "the way you describe something through program(s)" (of which sometimes natural language is said to be one way we describe the world), then I would say that developers are ALWAYS inventing a language. When you program in order to materialize your thoughts e.g ideas or solution in the form of code (such that then you can execute them) there tends to be quirky things about the particular code that is specific to the way that code. For example when someone asks "how do you start up your application?" and perhaps there will be steps such as "first you run tool X, then Y then Z and then start". X, Y, Z and start may be code which have embodied some description of the concept of "starting the application"

With regards to programing languages as we would usually think of, I think of them as the most important framework that a programmer works with. Language shapes our ability to perceive the world and conceptualize new ones. Since I think of frameworks as these powerful tools that frames the way we approach some work, I cannot help but think that programming languages are frameworks of the highest importance. Therefore, if one would want to venture to create a new programming language it would be best I think when the persons wants to introduce a new frame of thinking/approach/style as an endemic (pervasive) methodology.

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