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My Devices Setup 2020

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Lenovo Thinkpad e480

ram: 24gb (2400 MHz)
storage: 500gb ssd samsung evo 970 + 1tb hdd
Good laptop. I like the fact that the fans do not make noise up to 50°C. I also set a timeout for the hdd for complete silence:
sudo hdparm -S 12 /dev/sda1
I plan to switch to the new macbook air m1. But I'm waiting for all the software to be adapted, first of all the docker.


CONNECT IT Vertical Ergonomic Wireless
My first experience with an ergonomic mouse. And it really works.

Mobile phone

iPhone 11 (128gb)


This is my first experience with an iPhone. I've been using it for a year now. The quality of photos and videos pleases me the most. I also enjoy the battery capacity. And the whole user experience in general.


Pitaka carbon black
Alt Text
I don't usually use phone cases. But this one has proven to be great in every way.

Ebook reader

PocketBook 613

I've had it for about eight years or more. It still works fine and there are no plans to switch to anything new yet.

Watches and fitness trackers

I gave up using the watches because it constantly disturbs me.


Google home mini

Alt Text
Excellent sound quality for a small room. Great looking and easy to use.

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