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Hi there!

Brand here. (Yep that's my name) CEO and Co-Founder of Everywhere® ( . We're based out of Lehi, UT and we've built a platform for constructing really cool tiny homes and cabins. We've learned a TON in the past couple of years about how complex it is to build a new home on your own.

We've also heard a lot recently from people that are much much smarter than us, that the entire home construction space is changing for the better. In short, it means that it's going to get a lot easier to build your own home. The complex "magic" that has existed for years is being revealed so to speak, and with all the instructional DIY videos that can be found on YouTube, building a home doesn't seem as daunting as it once was.

This is just the beginning.

I really am passionate about what's happening. The entire construction landscape is shifting -- very rapidly. I see a lot of comparisons to WordPress and how they created an ecosystem. One side is the business that allows those without any dev experience to enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience. The other side is for anyone that wants to rip apart the code and create plugins and do some really cool things with all the tools they have at their fingertips. I believe home construction can thrive out of this way of thinking and an open platform like this can also solve a lot of the complexities around finding land, permitting, zoning, inspections, validating contractors, and the entire construction process of the home as a whole as well.

I'm now taking two worlds that I am engrained in and meshing them together. I come from a software background, mainly consisting of a bunch of UI/UX experiencing as well as building complex branding systems for startups and personal brands for athletes. I've also done a lot of front-end development over the years as well. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, and learn more about me here:

We're very very early days on this and looking for some people that may want to build their own home in the near future and want to help solve this problem! If you'd like to contribute please email us at or join us on discord ( or GitHub (

In the meantime, go take a peek at what we've got up so far:

All the best,


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