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I recently watched a very interesting presentation by Erin Meyer:

And one of key differences between cultures was taking negative feedback, which I think is a large part of code reviews. Some take it indirectly (3 good things, one bad), some take it directly (literally telling what's bad).

As an example, I take negative feedback directly and expect someone to tell how I can improve without too many hassling. Heck, I could even miss what reviewer wanted to say to me because I was too excited about things I did well totally ignoring my mistakes.
But if I'd critique someone, who expects to hear indirect negative feedback, directly, he might feel crushed and it'd seem that everything's bad and life's over.

This isn't obvious at first, but the more you work with people from different countries, the more you have to adapt and be aware or make them aware of your intentions.


This video is interesting! I guess I have to read her book now, thanks for sharing :)

Definitely culture is a key difference in code reviews and feedback; I also had experienced this personally. It takes time to understand and become aware of, especially when working remotely or when not having met the team in person.


Yep! Reviewer could have best intentions to help you out but sound like an asshole without even realizing that.

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