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re: Okay, so I'm a bit confused when you say, "yes, some websites still send HTML over the wire". I thought ALL web servers send back HTML when an http...

No, don't sweat it - that is a good question.

It was meant as a subtle jab at the explosion in popularity of frontend frameworks, in which one sends Javascript over the wire and then creates the HTML elements at runtime in the web browser. For example, a React app typically sends Javascript over HTTP and then the web browser executes it to produce the HTML.

So my comment was kind of saying: "Some people still do it the 'old' way"


Lol thank you for that. That actually sounds cool! I have to play around with that.


Since it's still a browser doing the rendering, it needs at least a script tag to run the JavaScript(not sure if only having a script tag in an HTML file would be valid HTML5). And usually some more but minimal HTML is still delivered to the browser.
Sometimes devs are not aware of it, because this file rarely changes in the code base, or it is "hidden" because the build tool applies some default template.

Yep, absolutely. To clarify, the comment is referring to the HTML elements which make up the visible UI of a particular app. Images, titles, tables, lists, etc, etc. :)

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