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For php I have worked with Symfony and 10 years of spaghetti. PHP (as of 7.2) will not be super high performance by itself, especially if http response time is your measure of performance. Symfony gives you a lot of structure backed by excellent docs but you pay the price in performance and some flexibility. For internal web apps Symfony is perfect since performance is not a high concern and the structure it gives makes maintaining the code quite easy.

The only way I have gotten PHP to be very high performance (at least with non-trivial pages) is using PHP-pm with Symfony in which I have managed to achieve around 5-10ms response time locally. Now I have not spent the time to figure out how to get rid of all of the errors with PHP-PM, so I would suggest doing your own research before considering it as an option.


Sounds interesting. I heard that Symfony 4.1's routing system is now the fastest one available.


That is what the Symfony blog claims. Though it didn't seem like the routing was the slow part, but every millisecond counts.

Yeah. It's usually the database. It's why I just use straight up PDO, I can optimize the queries themselves rather than relying on ORMs that are quite possibly inefficient.

Where I work we have a massive internal app which we have recently plugged Symfony into to give some much needed structure. Within the Symfony context we use a mix of ORM and raw sql. For simple select queries and insert/update we use the orm, but for more complex select queries we stick with raw sql. Our fight is maintainability and reversing all of "just get it done" code over the years.


I wrote my own router, and I was able to get roughly 1-5ms loads, locally.

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