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Discussion on: Codebase is too large. Any tips on how you quickly understood existing codebase on your first job?

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Good job! I can relate with being a bit overwhelmed. At my current job I walked into 10 years of custom PHP code with no documentation.

For you I would take a peak at the Laravel and React docs, then build a simple website with a few pages that accesses a database just to get a feel of how Laravel works. After that dive into the company's code and see what is going on, and how others have coded. Try and get a big picture idea of what the code is doing so that you can start making changes.

As far as TDD, the big thing is practice. Look up some tutorials and practice testing some more trivial functions. Strict adherence to TDD may or may not work well for you, but having tested code is very good. Either way it takes practice.

Good luck, and keep at it.

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Ibrahim Alausa Author

Thanks for this great advice @buphmin ..I'll try to build a small project that consumes an API..I think that would help a lot. Once again..thanks