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Discussion on: Request for feedback: Edward the App

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Ronald Flores Sequeira

I really like it, it makes a lot of sense separate your focus on chapters, actually I will be using your app to write blog posts and College docs.

But if your target are professional writers y hope you support another type of save methods since a JSON is not likely to be useful for non programmers.

Other thing for me is the export to PDF which it glitch your content, again for professional writers having to copy&paste all chapters on another tool to get the font they want, the size they want and no get glitchy PDF may not seem really comfortable to use.

And finally the pagination support is something I feel it needs.

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Isaac Lyman Author

Hi Ronald. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • JSON is mostly for backing up your work. It's not intended to be human-readable.
  • I've worked out most of the glitches with the PDF export, I think. If you can provide an example of your content being glitched, I'll make note of the bug and fix it soon.
  • PDFs can be opened directly in Microsoft Word, which I believe is the standard for authors. Someday there will be better Microsoft Word support, but for now this should suffice.
  • Can you help me understand what you mean by "pagination support"?