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Discussion on: "Nextron": Electron + Next.js dream

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Ronald Flores Sequeira

Glad to hear that,I'll be testing later in the day.

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Shiono Yoshihide Author • Edited on

Implemented some examples like Material UI <3

You can try it by the command like below:

# Install latest nextron
$ npm i -g nextron@latest
$ nextron -v
nextron v0.7.5

# Init a nextron app with material-ui
$ nextron init test-app --template with-javascript-material-ui

# If you are typescript lover, you can also try typescript one :)
$ nextron init test-app --template with-typescript-material-ui

# Then, start the app
$ cd test-app
$ yarn (or `npm install`)
$ yarn dev (or `npm run dev`)

Hope you can see it:


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how do I be able to access the pages with the application and production, developing access normally by port 8888, but in production how do I do?