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Very informative, thanks for sharing.

You said in the beginning that:

"the problem is not that Yarn code is buggy"

But why wouldn't you consider this a buggy behaviour?

"if the CDN fails in unpredictable ways (...) the Yarn client is not appropriately handling these cases".

Personally I would say that's a bug. Even if npm returns a totally new error out of a sudden, yarn must have an implementation that allows itself to fail gracefully, without leaving the user in the dark.


Ah — good spot Renato!

I think I mean to say "the problem is not only that yarn is buggy". The point here I want to stress is less that yarn has bugs — which are temporary and can be fixed. But more that these problems have been going on for years and we have no clear way that they'll go away, with any amount of bug fixes.

I'll make a quick edit!


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