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Discussion on: Which non-computer science degrees apply to skills needed for a career in software development?

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

I think it depends a lot on what you're looking to achieve in your career.

My degree is in Economics, a bit of Business as well.

The business & marketing side of it helped a lot with entrepreneurial initiatives, which is my main driver in tech.

The economics & statistics side of my course provided a basis for wrapping my head around machine learning.

Years ago I developed an autonomous software to track corporate investment announcements on the web. Kind of "Tesla is opening a new manufacturing facility in Germany". I extracted the data using NLP and organize info in a searchable database with company name, HQ address, target country, type of investment, etc. I sold this info to people interested in it.

Having an economics background was key to this experience. But it might be useless to most developers...