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Discussion on: Who Killed The Tab?

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Our IDEs absolutely do decide "how much indentation to render". But that's not really the question. The question is: How wide is each indentation??

People can laugh at my geriatric-ness if they like, but the simple fact is that there are many times when my eye tends to get "lost" when I try to follow multiple, indented layers of logic that are only represented by 2 spaces. For my personal taste, if I can simply add one more space to the width, all of that confusion goes away. And if we used tabs, we could all determine an indentation width that works for each of us.

But with spaces, that ability is taken away from me. I must view it with 2-space widths - because someone else decided that's the way that I "should" read the code - even if that way is harder for me to follow.