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Everistus Olumese on May 26, 2019

In this article, which happens to be the first I will be publishing on, I will be going through a list of Software Development topics and ... [Read Full]
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Hello man, great article up there,id like to receive your plan and here's my email address:
By the way, have you developed in Rails too and again looking at Machine Learning, are you not interested in adding that to your skills too, if not can you please tell us why, Thanks


Hello AbdulRazaq, thank you so much for reading my article. I already develop a bit with rails enough to understand other people's code. I guess that is not a path I want to take now. As for AI I am quite interested in this. For the past few days I have been trying to wrap my head around using tensorflowjs but I have however concluded, I may need someone to work me through it physically before I can get it. Yet, it is something that is in my bucket list. The only thing I find am not really interested in learning now is blockchain. I will be sending the plan tomorrow morning to everyone that indicated interest.


Hello everyone, I have sent the plan to those that indicated they want the plan. It was an automated process using web scraping and nodemailer. kindly check your spam folder for a mail from

I will be writing another article on how I automated the collection and sending of the email this week. So please do follow me.


Great article! Your list is somewhat daunting yet almost paramount in the industry today. Cc please :)


Thanks for sharing, I would like to read your learning plan. My email:


Great read. I'd like to get the plan as well. Here's my email:


Everistus, a great article you mind if you please share your plan?


I've been working on my own learning plan. I'd like to see yours for inspiration,


Good article Everistus. I'd like to receive your plan l. Please send it to


Great! But the little bit I'm contending with already seems too much. I would really like help with visual studio, cloud computing and virtual machines. @ age 74 that might be a little difficult.


It is never too late. It is never too difficult as long as you are ready to put in the work. If you can drop your email address, I will contact you and maybe we can come up with a gameplan?

Rest assured you are on one of the best journeys on your life and if I am sure if you ask for help, there are thousands of people here who will lend a hand.

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