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Discussion on: DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest is Hurting Open Source

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Irkan Hadi • Edited on

I kind of agree, but you can fight back, you have the option to mark PRs as spam or not productive and it won't be counted for them. Hopefully, this will discourage low-quality PRs.

I just saw someone's boasting about finishing the "challenge" and his 4 PRs is just adding his name to a list. so I am reporting all those repos in hacktoberfest website, and I hope you do too. If we all do that, next years might be better.

Update: it seems that Digital Ocean responded to the spam issue:

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In my opinion, it should be opt-in. Marking as spam can help, but that is not enough.

See this twitter response from DO: - they have only one person for Hf social, support & spam repo reports

And look what everybody else is facing:

Gosh, you mean, your team would have to deal with what ALL OF US ARE NOW DEALING WITH??

You're currently forcing that massive moderation pile on OpenSource maintainers instead of the people who created it, DigitalOcean. It's like Eternal September of Github.

Ugh, oh no, October is starting. Prepare for a month of spam pull requests... whatwg/html has already been hit hard, at 5 in the last 3 hours.

We're getting hit over at and I've seen more at . Marking as spam is futile - they only need 4 spam PRs ignored for a week and they get a free t-shirt - if that takes 16 junk PRs and 12 annoyed maintainers, you'll still reward them.