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Discussion on: Let's discuss: What are your biggest difficulties with Git?

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Ilê Caian

Awesome! Have you tried the "Squash and Merge" option at GitHub PR?

Also, this is a very well detailed template!
I think this is good for big changes as git itself doesn't have the concept of Pull Request and Linus receive the patches via email. For me, I prefer maintain the commits minimal and simple, describing each commit what I've done so far. Something like:

<type>(<scope?>): <short description>

<long description>


The leged to it is:

  • type: feat, refactor, style, chore, fix...
  • scope: not necessary but can give a little information about it
  • short description: describe in 50 letters or less if that commit is applied, what it'll do
  • long description: describe architectural choices, options, usage of code, why you pick your approach and things like that
  • reference: can be tickets, issues or external references to JIRA or other softwares

This is what works for me! 😄

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Helder Burato Berto Author

I agree with Ilê for minor tasks I like to do in the same way as he talked.

Personally, I think this more complete template can be applied to huge projects or more specificaly features.

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Cornea Florin

Totally agree, using the template I showed can be a real pain sometimes but after the feature is finished and all commits are squashed into a single one with the complex message it makes it easier over the year to keep track of the work on the project.

Thank you very much for your template, I want to take yours and add some details from the one I use for future reference