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Request/Response Cycle 📶

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A database allows for one to create applications that save information. The request/response cycle is a process which makes it possible for a database to interact with an application.

request/response cycle

The request/response cycle with a database may involve the following events:

1️⃣ A request for a URL is sent from the browser to the router

2️⃣ Router maps the URL to a controller action to handle the request

3️⃣ Upon receiving the request, the controller action asks the model to fetch the data from the database.

4️⃣ After receiving the data, the model returns the data to the controller action

5️⃣ Upon receipt of the data from the model, the controller passes the data to the view

6️⃣ The view uses the data received as it renders the page as HTML

7️⃣ Controller sends the HTML back to the browser.

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