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Discussion on: Introducing Yarn 2 ! 🧶🌟

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Can Rau

Yaaay so excited to try it out asap 🤩👏

Got a question regarding the local per project cache .yarn/cache are those files hard linked or copies? Asking because I'm curious if those files are duplicated on my laptops backup or not.
That's what happens with node_modules right? Those files are actual copies?

Hum this issue might be the answer, looks like it's been considered but got a little lost?

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Maël Nison Author • Edited

It's complicated: "they are copies, but". The buts:

  • If you use zero-install, then yes those files are duplicated as each repository will have it. For this reason zero-install is better suited at monorepos than projects with dozens of repositories

  • If you don't use zero-install, we still cache the archives into a global "mirror" before cloning them using the native clone operation (when supported, mostly OSX). For this reason you only pay the size cost once when relevant.

  • If you don't use zero-install and don't use OSX, you can enable the global cache mode which will cause Yarn to use the global mirror as datastore (in which case you only pay the size cost once no matter what).

Note that all this is about the 2.x; the 1.x had worse characteristics.

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Can Rau

Interesting so I just stuff all repos into one then 😂 just kidding

Yea thanks for the summary I'll keep that in mind 🧠 Unfortunately I'm on macOS 😅

Are you still considering the hard link approach or is it too hard 🤔😅 haha sorry 😂