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Top 10 iPhone App Development Tools and Resources to your Aid

The digital era has turned the mobile app development industry on its head. With the availability of a lot of apps for almost everything, mobile app development companies have targeted all the platforms in the mobile industry. Mobile app development services provide a variety of apps available for all the targeted platforms. They provide solutions for almost everything related to the real world.

Presently, the most competitive app market is on Android and iOS. Since there is stability in the market for iOS app development, more apps and tools are introduced to the market. There are more than thousands of resources available online and offline for developers to learn about iOS frameworks in depth.

To avail successful iOS app development in all scenarios, here are some helpful resources.

1.Flatiron School iOS Development Pre-work: They provide the best iOS development resources from across the web. They provide a detailed guide for those with no prior iOS experience. This guide covers the basics of iOS, UI tools, customised UI kit, object-oriented principles, mobile design, and a lot more. This compilation of all-in-one resources can help the iOS app developers to develop applications quickly.

2.Treehouse: It offers a variety of resources for the iOS app development. It covers about everything, from the basics to all iOS tools. Additionally, it also includes unit testing and how to build a blog reader. Treehouse offers a free 14-day trial, or there is a subscription plan starting from $25 per month. Basically, it is difficult to find a beginner level course that covers complete guide for iOS app development. This resource provides abundant materials for beginners. It includes courses that help the iOS app developers to know more about layout, UI design, code and app customisation and optimisation. Beginner level courses are available for subscriptions of about $49 per month.

4.Avocarrot iOS Cheat Sheet: It maintains a cheat sheet on GitHub for iOS app development. It includes basics of Objective-C, commonly used iOS frameworks. It will be beneficial if the developers have prior knowledge of basic iOS app development. It provides trial and error way to add or edit the code in the sheet and make similar apps. Everything done here is stored in the repositories, so it helps to get a clear picture of iOS frameworks.

5.Geeky Lemon Xcode Tutorials: The XCode 6 tutorials from Geeky Lemon are excellent for learning how to create iPad and iPhone apps. They provide easy to copy/paste code, and step by step video walkthroughs to make learning better. The resources are simple and easy to understand for beginners. iOS developers can enroll for any of the three full-length courses offered here to get a detailed insight.

6.CodePath: CodePath offers customized courses to professionals to get started with iOS development. These courses have been specially designed for startup designers and engineers. It is available for free of cost. ‘iOS development for Engineers’ course covers all the major topics required to build an iPhone/iPad app. The course is for eight weeks with evening sessions only.

7.Mobile Makers Academy: this is an 8-week iOS boot camp by Mobile Makers. It helps the beginners to learn how to code in Swift and Objective C. They cover the essentials of iOS app development for developers with no prior coding experience. They focus on working on group projects, different problems and challenges. This process helps the developers to build a complete iPad/iPhone solution.

8.OneMonth iOS: this is a 30-day easy-to-learn course that helps to build iPhone/iPad app in just one month. The course covers tricks of building an iPhone/iPad app from scratch. It is a paid course available for just $49.

9.Code Fellows iOS Development Accelerator: Here, app developers can learn how to create apps in Swift and Objective C. It involves materials to develop apps using industry tools like git, Xcode, Cocoa, and UIKit. The courses Ava here cover the core topics such as MapKit, JSON, CoreImage, Core Data, Source Control, and the app submission process.

10.NSHipster: It tries to cover mostly the aspects of Objective-C and Cocoa, essential in the iOS app development. There is a complete course for Swift, the new language for the iOS platform. There is a plethora of compiled articles and tutorials on the site. It helps the developers deal with iPhone/iPad development. One of the best things about this resource is it provides a list of recommended readings. It offers good books which will provide a good learning curve for beginners and experts.

Furthermore, the internet has a plethora of resources that can help the app developers to learn more about iOS development. There are a variety of tools and resources available to develop real-world iOS applications from scratch. Hope the above-listed resources help to get the right development material.

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