How do you like recruitment in the UK?

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Hi there
I'm doing some research on UK tech specialist's preference for finding work.

  1. Where would be your top (few) places to go to look for work? e.g. recruitment agency, referrals, LI, jobs boards, etc
  2. Can you share more re #1? e.g. which agency, which websites, etc?
  3. What do you look for when searching?
  4. What do you look for when interviewing?
  5. What would make you want to relocate to an Asian Country, if at all?

Feel free to PM me or post here?

Thanks in advance!

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1: So far I've been approached for most of my jobs. But LinkedIn has been useful, as well as standard job sites (Reed, Indeed, etc).

2: The recruitment agency that have treated me the best has been Cathcart Recruitment.

3: Other than salary and matching job spec, commute time, benefits such as flexi-time, home working, budget for training/conferences.

4: What is the culture in the office like? Is the work being done interesting/moral? Do I like how the company presents themselves to me?

5: I'd love to, but my life is in the UK. So uproot my family and friends I guess aha! (Also never China)

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