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I am very lucky. My father was an amateur radio hobbyist and that spilled into computers, and especially the intersection of computers and radio back in the 1980's. He passed his love for tinkering along to me and also gave me a computer and introduced me to GW-BASIC which I used in middle school to turn my Choose Your Own Adventure books into text based games. GOTO PAGE # and GOTO LINE # were a natural fit. My father was able to turn his hobby interest in technology into a job doing technology work for the federal government. In the early 1990s he had a premonition that newly elected Vice President Gore was on to something with this Internet thing. He had already been playing around with similar technologies with Packet Radio so he left his government job and founded one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Washington DC Area. I was a freshman in high school at the time so he put me to work doing technical support. I got paid to sit and play with this Internet thing. It was not long until people started calling asking for help getting their businesses onto the web and my career as a web developer took off. Again, I am very very lucky and owe it all to my father. I now have two high-school aged kids of my own and am trying to pass that love and opportunity on to them.

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