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I'd take a look at TestCafe too. It's similar to Cypress in that it's a non-Selenium based E2E testing tool.

Anecdotally, at my job we initially tried using Cypress but found some limitations that were unfortunately deal-breakers. Cypress seems to have an opinionated view of how you should write your tests. After switching to TestCafe we haven't had any problems.

A downside to Cypress in my opinion is that it seems like it's trying to do too much. In addition to being a full E2E tool, you can write unit/integ tests with it. Which is really nice, but it's hard enough to get that piece of the puzzle right let alone get the E2E piece right too. Mocha and Jest, for example, are solely unit/integ testing tools and both of those tools still have issues...


Just curious, what were the limitations? Was it some functional limitation or more the concept and the way things must be done?


It’s true you could write integration and unit tests in Cypress, but you don’t have to. I’ve been pretty happy with Cypress at work and for my own site.

I’m definitely open to hearing about other tools like test cafe.

Some people chimed in a while ago here.


I just read through the Test Cafe docs. Looks solid as well. It'd be good to do a comparison.

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