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Carla Dos Santos
Carla Dos Santos

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Back to the roots

Hi, DEV community!

I started out my career as a System Analyst which had to gather requirements but also programming.

After many years working as an IT Consultant with main focus on BPM (Business Process Management) on the business perspective and Business Analysis, I decided to go back to development and writing code.

In the last three years was part of the IT-Architecture Team and my focus in the team was mostly about Processes, Technology and Platform and IT Landscape modeling.

A month ago, I started a new job, now I am part of the development team for BPM Automation.

We chose Camunda BPM for automating processes. We are also using Java, Spring Boot and Oracle.

I would like to share with you, how I will be handling to get used to code again in these first three months.

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