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Cedrik Boudreau
Cedrik Boudreau

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Open web hackathon: Build a simple permaweb app

Welcome to the perpetual, open permaweb hackathon!

At Arweave we firmly believe that the future of the new web should be open source for the benefit of users and developers alike. We want to help make this a reality, so we’re rewarding developers like yourself for building open source dApps on the permaweb!

The Arweave itself is a global, permanent hard drive. The permaweb is a decentralized, immutable web built on top of the Arweave. Permaweb apps are built using normal web technologies — HTML, CSS, and Javascript — but are deployed to Arweave’s on-chain storage system, making them permanent and available in a fast, decentralized manner. You can get started and deploy a permaweb app in 2 minutes or less.

Time investment: One afternoon to one weekend.

Visit our open web hackathon page at GitCoin to learn more and participate.

Come over to Discord and join the discussion! We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas and helping you along!

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