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Hi Lisa :)

The design and the interaction in the video looks impressive and the "wizard"-like sloth telling how it's going it's great as well.

Personally, ever since I read this Coding Horror article (and whenever I can) I prefer long passwords that resemble full sentences.

The post criticises a lot password rules but it doesn't say they're totally wrong BUT rule #1 should be password length (12 characters minimum).


Interestingly do less experienced user go better with sentences or groups of words as they are much easier to revognize in a visual way. This is at least what we observed with our project partners.


Right. A fun history about passwords I recall is one from a father of a friend of mine. His password for Facebook was a short sentence about his pet parrot 🤣

It's the perfect example. End users think way more associative and wenas developera should embrace that in all our deliveries.

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