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Discussion on: The 2021 Web Development (Frontend + Backend) RoadMap

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

Technology fatigue xD

I like and also dislike developer roadmaps.

I like they show how diverse can be working in software development but don't like how they could feel like there's only one path.

Is there a roadmap described in terms of software domain technology stack? I mean like this is the roadmap if you'd like to build/work doing the next Uber-like app.

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Cubicle Buddha

Yes, there are careers available in software for people of all interests and disciplines. There is no one way.

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Using no-way as the way. YOU are the way.

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Todd Coulson

A roadmap, does not mean "the one true path". It means it is a common path. I think any single tech in this stack could take someone a lifetime to perfect, and there are niches all over this roadmap. Roadmaps are NEVER, "this is the only way".