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Hi Alex!

It's great you are writing your own book. I wanted to ask about Leanpub but saw the last line :)

I wanted to ask about it because that's the service I used to publish a handbook I wrote and published between 2018-2019. Know that you have a great service there in case you'd need it.

Besides, I sent my book to Publish Drive which is a service that helps you distributing your book to several book platforms like Play Books or Scribd. I also used Pandoc to generate some PDFs of the handbook. It's really powerful.

Going to take a look to Gumroad. Knew the service before but never taught about to publish a book 🤔

Wish success with your book 😁


Thanks for the kind words and experience feedback! Yeah gumroad is neat - they even stamp the pdf file with the person who purchased it for you for free - help.gumroad.com/article/130-pdf-s...

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