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Learning Plan and 2020 Goals

As with many developers I've struggled at times to keep up with the rapid changes in the web development world particularly around JavaScript and the seemingly endless numbers of frameworks from Vue and React to Angular and many others in between.

I've learnt some Vue and I would like to learn React at some point, but as a self-taught developer through using MDN, Treehouse and udemy courses among other resources there are gaps in my knowledge that perhaps I would have learnt had I done a Computer Science degree or a bootcamp I feel around things like how browsers and DNS actually work, web security e.g. CORS and conventions and accessibility. Some of this can naturally be picked up as you gain more experience if you've seen things before you know how to approach it and how your code should be structured.

I've attempted to collate my resources and put together a general learning plan partially inspired by this frontend roadmap and looking through several posts on to see what others have done and create something similar for myself. I'm going to split it into sections - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks, Security and other e.g. DNS and how it works. Doing this is an attempt to break it down and I will no doubt break it down further particularly when it comes to JavaScript.I'm going to stick with one or two resources rather than the myriad I've attempted to starting with finishing a JavaScript course and a Vue course on udemy with MDN as my go-to for any terms I don't understand.

I have a few goals for this year (I partially achieved my ones for last year hopefully to do better this time round..) these are currently (as ever they may change):

  • go through wes bos css grid course again one weekend I've learnt the basics of css grid but don't feel as confident with it as I do with flexbox yet
  • finish modern JavaScript udemy course (I'm more than halfway through and hoping to complete it before the end of February)
  • finish all the challenges on the frontend mentors site (I've completed a couple and am working on others)
  • finish my vue udemy course and go through all the assignments
  • have a fully working version of a vue app I'm working on (although not much lately as still to figure out the logic)
  • style my blog/portfolio with tailwind css (which I have started) and actually add some projects to it...- attempt to learn more about accessibility.

There are a few goals/challenges most of which I feel are achievable, but I need to be a bit structured in both my learning and my own projects and focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to do many things at once. Admittedly I have said that before and failed, but this time I feel more determined to stick it as I feel I need to if I'm ever going to be able to progress.

If anyone has any suggestions or pointers around some of this stuff I'd be grateful as I'm never sure if what I'm learning is relevant or not, but I do really like Vue and want to learn more about it. Last weekend I had a play with Gatsby going through basic tutorials to see how it compares to gridsome and it seems pretty simmilar, although I much prefer Vue single file components from what I've seen so far.

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