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Discussion on: Any other scanner personalities here?

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Paul Cortes

Yeah, I try create Internet of things, every concept are relationship, in my house in this moment I'm try using a raspberry pie for create a intelligent house and care my garden but is difficult, utilize sensor for to measure light(physic) and measure the pH(chemistry) in the plants(botanic) but, I thing that every day I'm person very ignorant in each subject, I try used my ability in software for learn other subject :). and you what is your focus?

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Anja Author

This sounds like a useful project you can learn a lot from! 😊 👍 Yes I also think the developers analytic mindset surely helps to pick up new subjects quickly. At the moment I feel fulfilled by writing and filming about what I learn and studying. Im also interested in physics but right now I don't have the brain capacity for it cause I need to relax when I don't study. 😄