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Change the way you google coding problems

Today I want to write a bit of a different post. I was thinking of featuring a few of the tools I use frequently, but everyone wrote about that already (and that's ok 😛).
So I decided to only showcase my absolute favorite... and that has to be GREPPER.

What is Grepper?

Grepper is a free browser extension that works with your search engine to instantly get relevant code snippets.

To start I am not affiliated with the Grepper team at all, just want to showcase this awesome product!

I like Grepper so much because of how seamless using it is, we all google hundreds of things every day and click on StackOverflow about as many times. Grepper just gives you what you need at the top of the page!

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Image description

Image description
Grepper is still at a fairly early stage, and they take feedback very seriously, even my own 😛 . I hope this post will inspire some of you to try it out and perhaps together we can improve the product and it can improve our work!

Feel free to check out my grepper profile:

Star our Github repo and join the discussion in our Discord channel!
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I wasn't familiar with Grepper before reading this article, but it sounds like a really useful tool! I'm definitely going to check it out.

eurico98 profile image

Really great post