Post a link to your coding project, and let others try to describe what it does!

Channing Allen on September 13, 2019

Got a project or a side project you've been working on? Let's see if it's easy for others to understand! Link to your project, but don't say anyt... [Read Full]
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Hah, this could be fun! Here's a link to the very very very very very early stages of a project that I can hopefully dedicate a little more time to in the near future...

Lots of bugs, lots of oddities, zero explanation on how to use it...



Connect Four? (...or Five, since there seem to be more columns)


A little more detail behind this one.

A few friends and I from around the US play D&D together on a fairly regular frequency. There are some online tabletop RPG "tables," if you will, that exist, but none of them really had all the features that we were looking for.

I had it in my head that tackling that problem would be a fun challenge! I designed some basic data structures behind the "game board" that will hopefully allow the table to track pretty specific information about each cell.

What I linked ya'll to is, more or less, the visual representation of that "table" data, in its most rudimentary form. I've toyed with linking it to some click listeners as well, and at some point I hope to tie actual character creation / D&D game "stuff" to it as well!


Here's a project I've been recently revising (might want to rewrite it in the future to improve it).

Didn't update the docs yet so perfect timing. >:D


A website with shaking button without english version D:


A two-sided marketplace for online courses?


Not a marketplace but a generator of page for sell online courses, yes ;)


A french Ponzi scheme? ;-)

(...because I don't understand much and then there's a happy guy with cash and gold)

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