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Fireact — The open source project to fast track your next web app with Firebase and React

Hi All,

I created a fully functional web application that users can sign-in via social accounts based on Firebase and React, called Fireact.


The Idea

Basic user sign-in and management functions are needed in almost every web application project, and they are built over and over again. So I think it might be a good idea to create an open source project which comes with these features so everyone can focus on building the important functionality of their projects.

The project can also serve as an example for developers who are learning Firebase and React. It demonstrates how to use Firebase authentication, Firestore database and Cloud Functions with React.


You can access the live demo here. After you play around the demo, feel free to delete your testing account.

Source Code

The Github project link is

If you like this project, please star it in Github and consider becoming a contributor.

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