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Discussion on: What is the most potentially-revolutionary software currently being developed?

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Charles Landau • Edited on

I would argue that cloud native is the key innovation here, and that Kubernetes is a great option among many viable platform-for-platforms solutions. (Nomad comes to mind.)

While k8s is an incredible project, I've come to sense that the Cloud Native movement is going through a "DevOps is not tools" phase. In their excellent book, Justin Garrison and Kris Nova stress time and again how the business, culture, and tools must also align in order to get the most out of tools like k8s.

As a result I have increasingly come to see the value of Kubernetes as an add-on to the much more important value of realizing a business and technical process that is capable of defining a pod spec regardless of the syntax.

None of which, I think, contradicts what you said, but I think it's easy to miss.

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Tim Downey

Yep, completely agree that tools alone won't be the force multiplier that folks may be expecting. But the existence of these tools certainly makes it possible. :)

A skilled platform team and the right practices can enable hundreds of developers with k8s. :)