re: Type of music you listen to when coding? VIEW POST


I just have my big list of songs on Spotify I shuffle if I'm feeling music. Typically however, I'm listening to a podcast.


Podcasts? People talking all the time doesn't distract you?

For me, I would get caught up into the conversation and make no code at all hahaha


I don't know, I guess I'm good at drowning it out. My typical setup is code & preview on one monitor, YouTube/some video on the other.

Even in irl you'll usually catch me with one earbud in listening to something else


I tried podcasts a while back and that just didn't work for me - not so much that they were distracting as I ended up not really listening, so not much point in keeping that up. A couple of my coworkers have no problem working while listening to them and actually following what's being said.

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