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Rust Survey 2018 Results

What do you want to say about Rust?

I learned a little Rust this year. I felt a little hard to learn, now I pay more Go and concern about Rust. Here's the newest survey. Their community is the best, warm , open and welcome.

Another year means another Rust survey, and this year marks Rust’s third annual survey. This year, the survey launched for the first time in multiple languages. In total 14 languages, in addition to English, were covered. The results from non-English languages totaled 25% of all responses and helped pushed the number of responses to a new record of 5991 responses. Before we begin the analysis, we just want to give a big “thank you!” to all the people who took the time to respond and give us your thoughts. It’s because of your help that Rust will continue to improve year after year.



As we’ve done in past years, we asked for your comments in where Rust can improve. This year, we see some familiar themes as well as some new ones in this feedback. The top ten themes this year are:

the need for better library support
a more improved IDE experience
the need for broader adoption of Rust generally
a richer ecosystem of tools and support
an improved learning curve
the need for important language features and crates to be stable and supported
support for async programming
support for GUI development
better documentation
improved compile times

New this year is the rising need to support GUI development, showing that Rust continues to grow not only on the server, but that people are feeling the need to stretch into application development.

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