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Another incredibly practical use of rebase is the following:

You have to start a new feature "CupcakePictures" that is based on another feature "CupcakeColoring" that your colleague is still working on (or that hangs in a pull request), i.e. this is about working in parallel.

Just branch off from that non-merged incomplete feature branch "CupcakeColoring" of your colleague and get working. Whenever he produces more stuff that you need, you just rebase onto his latest commit.

When his feature has been merged to master, you rebase on master too, and the history will - once you're done - wonderfully show how "CupcakePictures" was started after "CupcakeColoring" as the dependency actually required it (the parallel work will not show up and no cluttering will take place, like you would have by constantly merging his stuff).


This is also another good example of rebasing to prevent conflict! Thank you for sharing this. I haven't done any branch work off another person's branch work yet, so I appreciate the extra perspective. Also love how you kept with the cupcake theme :)

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